YouTube Creators

Hello YouTube creator! We are a small independent team of software developers in Ireland with a shared passion for guitar. We've set out to build the ultimate app for guitar players and Youtube creators alike. We are proud to introduce GuitarApp, free to all users.

What is GuitarApp?

There are so many apps for learning guitar these days but let's face it, the best guitar content already exists and it's all on YouTube thanks to you and the amazing creator community! So instead of reinventing the wheel, we just want to supercharge and customise the YouTube experience specifically for guitar players and drive even more traffic to creators like you!

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring structure to the YouTube guitar experience and make it easier to explore. We have organised the best guitar content on YouTube into dynamic feeds and topics which update daily. We also have a suite of tools to truly make this the one-stop shop for all guitar players:

  1. A stylish and smooth chromatic tuner
  2. A huge interactive chords, arpeggios and scales library
  3. A metronome and drum sequencer

How is my content displayed?

  1. We embed YouTube videos in our app using the official YouTube API in the same way YouTube vidoes are embedded in websites. This is in accordance with the YouTube API Licence
  2. Any views of your content in GuitarApp are attributed directly to your personal YouTube channel statistics via the YouTube API.
  3. We don't monetise your content. The whole app is entirely free to use for anyone!
  4. All of your descriptions and links are clearly shown on the videos embedded in the app.
  5. Your videos are discoverable in feeds according to the topic they cover, e.g. Gear, Reviews, Lessons, Theory
  6. We list your YouTube channel in our list of 'best channels'
Our goal for this app is to benefit both guitar players and Youtube creators alike. We really hope you like it.

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