Everything You Need to Learn Guitar

GuitarApp is a full suite of guitar tools along with a supercharged YouTube browser built for guitar players. The best quality tutorials and lessons from the best creators are structured into categories and courses for guitar players of all levels. The suite of tools include loop and slowdown on every video, a tuner, metronome and interactive chords/scales library, all in a single free app.


Need a tuner that won't let you down? Guitar app gives you a smooth responsive tuner algorithm with extremely high precision to keep all your instruments in tune. Choose from multiple tuner views and tunings for guitar, ukulele and bass. Download the app for free or use our online tuner


Chord Library

Search for chords by name or shape and see or hear all the voicings from our huge chord library. Select guitar, bass, ukulele or mandolin and choose between views for chord fingering, note names or intervals. There are thousands of chords waiting for you to discover in guitar app!


Metronome & Drums

No guitar app would be complete without a metronome. GuitarApp features simple intuitive controls for changing tempo, time signatures and accents. Need a beat in a hurry? Flip over to drum machine mode and choose from preset beats or program your own with 8 kits to choose from.


The only guitar app you need!

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