Ear Training Games


chordle chord guessing game

Play Chordle!

Chordle is an ear training game inspired by Wordle. There's a new chord every day and the task is to find all the notes on the fretboard which make up the secret chord which you can hear but not see. You have 5 guesses so use them wisely!

Interval Trainer

interval trainer game

Play Interval Trainer!

Interval Trainer is an ear training game to help you recognise musical intervals but it's against the clock! You have 1 minute to guess as many musical intervals as you can. There's even a Rick Beato mode for the experts out there!

Interactive Chord Machine

guitar chords app

Play Chord Machine!

Interactive Chord Machine is a huge chord library with an interactive fretboard. You can explore any chord by tapping on each note to hear it or you can play the whole chord. You can also see the names or intervals for each note and see the fingerings for the chord.

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