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chordle chord guessing game

Play Chordle!

Chordle is an ear training game inspired by Wordle. There's a new chord every day and the task is to find all the notes on the fretboard which make up the secret chord which you can hear but not see. You have 5 guesses so use them wisely!

Interval Trainer

interval trainer game

Play Interval Trainer!

Interval Trainer is an ear training game to help you recognise musical intervals but it's against the clock! You have 1 minute to guess as many musical intervals as you can. There's even a Rick Beato mode for the experts out there!

Interactive Chord Machine

guitar chords app

Interactive Chord Library

Interactive Chord Machine is a huge chord library with an interactive fretboard. You can explore any chord by tapping on each note to hear it or you can play the whole chord. You can also see the names or intervals for each note and see the fingerings for the chord.

Online Ear Training for Guitar Players: A Quick Guide

What is Ear Training?

Ear training is a fundamental skill for every guitarist, providing a useful bridge between theory and practice. It involves developing your ability to recognize and understand musical elements solely by listening. In the context of guitar playing, ear training is particularly valuable for honing your skills in identifying chords, intervals, and melodies. Through targeted exercises and practice, you can enhance your proficiency in identifying chord types and intervals, helping you learn more efficiently, play by ear and improvise with greater ease.

Why is Ear Training Important?

  • Efficiency: Intervals are the building blocks of chords, scales and melodies. When you can identify the sounds of the intervals, it becomes easier to figure out new chords and melodies just by listening to them.
  • Precision: Ear training empowers you to play with greater precision. By developing a keen ear, you can learn to pick up on the subtleties of a musical piece, which helps you replicate it with accuracy and expression. It also allows you to assess your own playing to determine if you are making sufficient progress when engaged in self-directed learning.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Musical creativity flourishes when you can translate the sounds in your mind directly onto the fretboard. Ear training allows you to explore new possibilities, improvise effortlessly, and compose with confidence.
  • Effective Collaboration: If you play in a band or like to jam with friends, a well-trained ear facilitates seamless communication with other musicians. You can quickly adapt to changes, follow chord progressions, and contribute confidently to the music.
  • How Can I Improve My Ear

  • Online Ear Training Tools: In the digital age, numerous online resources cater specifically to guitar players seeking to enhance their ear training skills. There are countless interactive exercises and games tailored for guitarists, providing a dynamic and effective learning experience.
  • Ear Training Games: Utilize dedicated ear training games designed to make the learning process more enjoyable and engaging. Such games often focus on chord recognition, interval identification, and melody playback, providing a comprehensive approach to honing your ear.
  • Consistent Practice: Improving your ear requires consistent, focused practice. Dedicate time to regular ear training sessions, incorporating a variety of exercises to challenge and refine your auditory skills.
  • Is Ear Training Essential?

    In short, no! But it does help organize musical concepts in your mind and accelerate learning when dealing with new concepts which build upon those fundamentals. Many accomplished musicians don't necessarily know the names of the chords they play or the intervals present in their melodies but through years of playing, they form their own associations about how certain "shapes" on the fretboard sound and when to use them. This is essentially a nonformal way of building up knowledge of the characteristics of certain note combinations. Ear training just provides a more formal way to learn those concepts efficiently and using a common language that can be helpful for all the reasons mentioned above.

    In conclusion, ear training is an indispensable skill for any guitarist looking to elevate their playing to new heights. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, integrating ear training into your practice routine will undoubtedly enhance your musical journey. Remember, the key to success is dedication and practice. By embracing ear training, you'll not only sharpen your musical acuity but also unlock new dimensions of creativity and expression in your guitar playing.

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