GuitarApp is a free guitar learning app with a tuner, metronome and a supercharged YouTube browser built for guitar players. The best quality tutorials and lessons from the best YouTube guitar channels are structured into categories and courses for guitar players of all levels. The suite of tools include loop and slowdown on every video, a tuner, metronome and interactive chords/scales library, all in a single free app. We also have a series of fun games to make learning music theory more fun. Try Chordle as a challanging fun way to train your ear to identify chords. It's based on the hugely popular Wordle and we post a new challange daily! Maybe you're looking for some ear training apps or you want to learn how to identify the musical intervals? Try our Interval Trainer which challanges you to identify as many intervals as you can in 1 minute!

How Can GuitarApp Help You?

life-long learners

Life-long Learners

GuitarApp is a free guitar learning app built by guitar players, for guitar players of all levels. Explore the best guitar channels on YouTube structured into daily feeds and courses such as: beginner courses, music theory courses, music production courses and many more! Learn how to play the chords and riffs from your favourite songs with song tutorials and tabs or learn the secrets of your favorite guitar heroes. It's not just lessons either. Maybe you want to jam along to some backing tracks or check out the latest guitar gear or just watch some great guitar content, whatever it is, GuitarApp has you covered.

Music Educators

Music Educators

At GuitarApp, we believe that everybody should have free access to the tools they need to learn music. We recognise that music schools, teachers and YouTube creators are at the frontline of music education and we want to empower you to deliver the best experience possible to your students. This is why we make all of our web tools free to embeded on your website or course with a simple code snippet. Our embeddable metronome, tuner and chord library widgets are compatible with any website including Wordpress and many LMS systems such as Brightspace and Instructure.


Companies & Brands

Do you need a tuner, metronome or chord library for your web app or company website? These tools are extremely useful to keep your audience engaged and can help with SEO too. GuitarApp web tools can be embeded for free on your website with a simple code snippet. Our embeddable metronome and tuner widgets are compatible with any website including Wordpress and many others. We also have a white-labeled version of our tools for companies who require it. Contact us to find out what solutions we can provide for your business.